Globe-Miami Community Profile

Area Overview, Education, Libraries, Healthcare

Area Overview

Prepared by the Arizona Department of Commerce Communications Division in cooperation with local sources.

Globe and Miami, important copper mining centers for more than a century, are colorful communities four miles apart in east-central Arizona. Both are located in a steep canyon at 3,500 feet in the Pinal Mountains of southern Gila (pronounced Heela) County. Highway 60 connects the communities.

Globe’s ample water resources and ideal location for distribution of mining products led to its founding as a mining town in 1876. The city was incorporated twice prior to its present incorporation in 1907. Globe is the county seat. Miami was founded in 1912 by Black Jack Newman as a camp near his copper mine. The town incorporated in 1918.


Climate Averages

Population Chart

2012 2013 2014 2015

City of Globe

  7,439  7,404  7,395  7,396

Town of Miami

 1,798  1,794  1,786  1,783

Gila County

 53,031  53,670  53,139  53,159

State of Arizona

6,553,262  6,581,054  6,728,783  6,828,065

**Sources: Arizona Department of Economic Security, U.S. Census Bureau




Globe Elevation 3,500 feet Miami Elevation 3,411 feet

Climate Averages Chart

Min. (F)
Max. (F)
Min. (F)
Max. (F)


 30.3 56.9 33.8 56.6 1.48 2.14


37.1 68.0 41.6 66.6 1.32 1.76


50.0 85.6 56.1 84.2 0.31 0.37


67.4 97.9


96.7 2.53 2.48


59.1 90.8 63.4 90.1 1.25 1.47


36.9 66.9 41.0 66.3 1.02 1.29


46.7 77.7 50.9  76.8 15.09 18.77

Source: Western Regional Climate Center at



2012 2013  2014 2015  2016

Globe Unified School District

 $3.98  $4.28  $4.72  $4.71


City of Globe

 $1.31  $1.32  $1.32  $1.27 $1.31

Gila County

 $4.19 $4.19 $4.19 $4.19 $4.19

Gila Community College

 $0.74 $0.86  $0.96  $0.85 $0.87

Miami Unified School District

$5.16 $4.47 $4.82 $4.87 N/R

Town of Miami  

 $3.78  $4.13       $4.70 $4.70 $4.70

Tri-City Fire District

  $1.89   $2.01  $2.07 $1.04 $2.04

**Sources: Arizona Tax Research Foundation, Gila County Treasurer


**Note: Tax rate per $100 assessed valuation. School districts paid an additional secondary rate of 0.0500 for the Cobre Valley Institute of Technology, which includes Superior Unified in Pinal County.




City of Globe


Gila County


Town of Miami


State of Arizona


**Source: Arizona Department of Revenue



Phoenix to Miami

 80 miles          

Phoenix to Globe

   87 miles          

Tucson to Globe

 106 miles          

Tucson to Miami

 112 miles

Gila County Employment

2003 2004 2007 2008


 5,000  4,900  4,925  5,000

Goods producing

 2,100  2,025   2,575  2,550

Other private services

 4,500  4,725   4,675  N/R

Trade, transportation, utilities  

  2,125  2,150  2,375  2,375

**Source: Arizona Department of Economic Security


Gila County Community College (GCCC)

GCCC offers various methods of instruction to fit individual students’ lifestyles including traditional classrooms, interactive television, online classes, and classes broadcast over a cable television channel. GCCC strives to offer classes that meet the needs of the community. Along with credit courses, it offers a variety of non-credit courses. GCCC offers university-transfer programs, classes that lead directly to employment, as well as personal interest classes. GCCC has a partnership with Gila Literacy to offer free GED and adult education classes. (928) 425-8481 /

Globe Unified School District

District educators believe that children should receive a well-rounded, basic education. The world is ever changing, therefore education is subject to modification according to needs. Children must be able to meet the challenges of the society in which they live, and Globe schools approach this challenge by assuring that each child is offered a sound program in the basic
skills regardless of race, religion or socio-economic status.(928) 402-6000 /

Miami Unified School District

Employing highly qualified administrators, teachers, and paraprofessionals enables the district to follow its mission statement “to ensure that all students in the educational community are prepared for the challenges of the future. We are dedicated to being recognized as a quality educational organization of highly performing schools, where the responsibility for mastery learning is shared by all.” Holding to high expectations encourages quality education for students and staff alike while implementing the Arizona Common Core Standards to increase student achievement. (928) 425-3271 /

Liberty High School

Serving Globe-Miami and San Carlos for nine years, this charter school offers programs to meet the needs of students who desire a smaller environment and for those who have fallen behind at larger schools. Students are taught skills to meet the Arizona State standards. The school is accredited by the North Central Association and all staff are certified by the state. Liberty’s certified adult education program welcomes adults desiring a high school diploma. (928) 402-8024

San Carlos Unified School District

Located on the San Carlos Apache Reservation with a student population of approximately 1,400, the district consists of Rice Primary, San Carlos Intermediate, San Carlos Junior High, San Carlos Alternative, and San Carlos High. Preparing students academically for the future in a modern learning environment assures students a successful transition into the workforce of tomorrow. (928) 475-2315 /

Destiny Charter School

Providing services to students in grades K-8, Destiny offers small classes and individual assistance to students who can benefit from such a program. (928) 425-0925


The Globe Public Library, 339 S. Broad St., is housed in a cozy building near downtown. The facility boasts a wide selection of reading and reference materials, as well as computers offering free Internet access. A conference room is available to community groups, and the friendly staff has been known to answer some of the strangest questions from patrons and callers. With the efforts of dedicated staff and many volunteers, the always popular summer reading program offers fun and learning. Open Tuesday from 10:30 am to 5:30 pm; Wednesday and Thursday from 10:30 am to 6 pm; Friday from 10:30 am to 5:30 pm; and Saturday from 10 am to 2 pm. (928) 425-6111

The Miami Memorial Library, 1052 Adonis Ave., is chock-full of history, starting with its original use as the gymnasium for the old Miami High School. Within its spacious quarters, the library boasts a children’s reading area, Miami Sports Hall of Fame, and an extensive collection of books on Arizona, the Southwest, and mining history. The library has a teen section aimed at keeping reading in the forefront for all ages. Open Tuesday, through Friday from 10 am to 6 pm and Saturday from 9 am to 1 pm. (928) 473-2621

The San Carlos Public Library is located in the heart of the San Carlos community near the hospital and offers an extensive collection of books and programs designed to appeal to the community. The meeting room is available for community use by appointment. Open Monday through Friday from 8 am to 4:3 pm, closed for lung from 12 pm to 12:30 pm. (928) 475-2611


Cobre Valley Regional Medical Center (CVRMC) is located south of the intersection of highways 60 and 188 at 5880 S. Hospital Dr. in Globe. CVRMC has been providing medical care for nearly a century and continues to improve the quality of care and delivery of service. Its larger, newly remodeled facility offers full-service acute care to a diverse population. With over 230 employees and 90 years of experience, CVRMC has proven to be a strong, stable force in the community. The staff of physicians, nurses and allied health professionals completes the circle of phenomenal care that patients receive. From outpatient services to inpatient care, as well as the only 24-hour, full-service emergency department within 75 miles, CVRMC is dedicated to patients, staff and the community. (928) 425-3261 /

Copper Mountain Inn is committed to providing consistent, dedicated, reliable, quality services with integrity, practicing the belief that a nursing center should offer a pleasant, home-like environment where superior nursing and supportive services are delivered by professional, caring and friendly staff. The Social Services Department and professional staff are available to discuss residents’ needs, and can provide information about other community resources that may be appropriate.

Heritage Health Care is a Life Care of America affiliated facility of 96 beds, offering quality nursing care. Fully staffed with caring professionals, it has a full range of services ranging from full nursing home care to bridge care for clients in need of therapy before returning to their home setting. Specialty services include sub-acute care, rehabilitation services, respite care, activities, facility and community support groups, and Alzheimer’s and dementia care.

End of Life care can be the most stressful of times for the patient and family members, but there are several hospice care agencies that can help with medical and personal care, respite and counseling services. The Crossing Hospice and Copper Communities Hospice both offer the personal touch in a time of great stress.